Doogie Pupdate!

Doogie and his mom and dad stopped by so we could all see him and they could give us a wonderful update on how he is settling in with his new fur brother and sister. They had a few hiccups in the beginning, but they reached out to us and we put them in touch with the amazing TOP Dogs team of volunteers at PACC who work specifically with behavioral issues in PACC’s shelter dogs.

They met with the team and learned some great things for how to integrate Doogie into the family successfully and they reported that everyone is doing really well and learning boundaries, as well as spending quality one on one time (each of the dogs) with mom and dad.

We really appreciate that these wonderful folks were willing to accept assistance and work with their pack of three great dogs so that everyone is happy and safe together. Great job!

And if you’re wondering, Doogie is still enjoying his Kong Wobbler and a bunch of other new toys as well! We will see you soon, sweet boy!


FUN UPDATE!Lobo’s mom called us today to let us know how well he is doing. Turns out, he’s got some spring left in his step. She shared that some things that were on the kitchen counter when she left the house were on the floor when she returned. So much for his failing eyesight and hind legs, huh? It appears he found a way to get at the things he was interested in. What a stinker!She is so happy to have him in her life and we couldn’t be more excited to share his update with our wonderful supporters!


Awesome Pupdate to share!Beautiful Murphy has settled into her new home and her mom tells us she is loving life! Judging by that big gorgeous smile of hers, we’d say that is an understatement!So happy to get these updates on the pups we all grow to love so much at TRN. ?


Another great TRN Alum update coming at you. Debo got adopted back at the beginning of April. It took us a while but as always happens, one day the right person walked into the store and BOOM! That was it. A perfect match. Well look at him now. He looks fantastic, like a whole new dog and clearly he and his Dad love each other very much ???


And while we are the subject of TRN Alums…. Charlie flew off in a private plane last week to go to his new home and here he is now. Living large, he has a new name, Norman and life looks to be really good. Just love seeing these happy, happy dogs.


I think it is safe to say that Chago (now called GoGo) is living his best life. He was the Mexican dog who got adopted at the store on Wednesday. Here he is lounging by the pool at his new home – life looks pretty good. I met him on his morning walk today with his sister Murray and he is such a sweet, gentle boy ❤️

Jacks “Jacques”-Update

We had a very special visitor this weekend. When Jacks came to us over a year ago, he was in pretty bad shape and was obviously very tired and confused. These two wonderful gents took him into their hearts and adopted him. He has been upgraded to Jacques and has a whole new lease on life. It’s moments like this that make our work so rewarding. We all love these TRN Alum updates.



Everyone’s favourite – TRN Alum update. Look at little Luther all snuggled up with his new sister. It looks as though he is really happy to kick back and relax in his furever home after all the stress of the shelter. Great job Luther ❤️


We didn’t get chance to get her picture when she was adopted but Maggie’s new Mom sent us this cute picture of Maggie all snuggled up with her Easter Lamb ❤️ So sweet. We are truly happy that this precious girl found her perfect furever home. She is our 253rd adoption.

Nellie Update-

We all adore getting updates from our TRN Alums and here’s a beauty. Remember sweet Nell? Well she is living the life now and is just so content. Don’t you just want to smooch that adorable face? We’re so happy for you dear Nellie Belly.

Luther Update-

Everyone’s favourite – TRN Alum update. Look at little Luther all snuggled up with his new sister. It looks as though he is really happy to kick back and relax in his furever home after all the stress of the shelter. Great job Luther ❤️




A wonderful update from Thurber’s mom!

Hi John,  Hope all is well, love seeing so many dogs finding homes through the shop! Wanted to just pop over a couple photos of Thurber from recently. He’s doing wonderful and I couldn’t be happier to have found him thanks to you guys!Happy holidays -Kimberly


Cowgirl came by the store today to say hello! Her mom said she is the best dog ever, they just love her!


This is Leonardo, he came into TRN today with his mom to show us how well he did after having surgery on his leg. The vets at PACC did an awesome job on him. He couldn’t walk before and it was hard to sit, his leg stuck straight out and wouldn’t bend. Now he is walking and his mom says he’s the greatest little guy and just loves him. They go everywhere together!

Bella Update-

Bella could only manage a slow, stiff-legged walk last week when she came to the TRN store. Look at her now, trotting around the fields at her new home. Happiness has given her a new lease on life ❤️❤️❤️



Let’s start Monday off with an adorable picture. This is one of our TRN Alums. Chiquis, now Millie was adopted in December last year. Her new family love her so very much, especially the grand children. She’s one loved and happy dog ❤️❤️