Dogs Adopted!

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No surprise here, we knew cute little Luther would get snapped up quickly. Here he is with his new Mom and his new sister heading off to his furever home ❤️❤️❤️ making it adoption number 255 for TRN. What a lovely day.


Do family portraits get any cuter than this? I don’t think so. Gorgeous little Kleinsten is heading home with his new family today and something tells us he’s going to get all the love in the world ❤️That’s our 254th adoption.


What a lovely day we had at the TRN store today. This was Benson’s first day at the store and he got adopted! Here he is sitting with his foster Dad and his new Dad and he’s really smiling. Good job Benson, have a great life with your new people. That’s our 256th adoption in case you’re counting. 🎉








Brownie got adopted! Here he is at home with his new Mom, looking as happy as can be ❤️ Yeah Brownie! We are so happy for you. Brownie is our 251st adoption.


Oh my goodness, how cute is this picture? Here is KI with her new brother Riley, about to head off to her furever home. Something tells me she and Riley are going to be BFF’s ❤️ This is our 249th adoption.


Failed Again! And we couldn’t be happier. We had asked Seven’s foster parents if they would be able to bring Seven in to the TRN store today to see if she would get adopted and they said no! Because, well you guessed it, they have decided to adopt her themselves. Well done Seven, you worked your magic ❤️ Isn’t this just the perfect family picture? And look at that big old kiss Seven is giving her new Mom. That’s our 248th adoption – Hurray!


Look who got to go to his furever home yesterday. Here’s Alfred cuddling up with his new Mom before he heads home with her. Good job little guy, I think you are going to be living your best life now. ❤️ That’s our 247th adoption.









Look at all the beautiful dogs that found their furever homes through TRN this week. Thank you all for helping spread the word about our work and donating so that we can keep on going. Please keep it up and we promise that we will too


Don’t you think that Jake is looking pretty smug? It’s probably because he knows he’s just landed his perfect furever home. Here he is with his new Mom and Dad getting ready to head out on new adventures, hopefully with lots of swimming – lol.This is our 245th adoption. If you would like to help us keep up this important work please text ‘Doggie’ to 44321 to donate.


Well, I think it’s safe to say that Jazzy knows she’s found her soul mate ❤️ Isn’t this just the happiest photo? Congratulations Jazzy, go and live and love your best life with your new Mom. We are having a great week, this brings our running adoption total to 244.


Good things come in threes and we’ve had three adoptions today! Here’s Leewoo with her new Dad ❤️ He took one look at Leewoo and fell in love. I think they both got a perfect match. That makes adoption number 243.


Well look at little Chio with his new Mom. Something tells me this little guy is going to get all the love and cuddles that his heart desires. Chio is our 242nd adoption. If you were hoping to adopt one of our ‘littles’ don’t worry, we have two more available. We have Leewoo and Diva. Scroll back through our posts and check them out. If you are interested in meeting them, text John at 206 718 3309


Look at sweet little Bodo with his new Mom. It was love at first sight for both of them and don’t they look great together? This is our 241st adoption.


Well look at our gorgeous Nellie Belly going to her new furever home. Just look at that big smile on her face 😍 Here she is with her new Mom and new sister, we couldn’t be happier. That’s our 240th adoption and it’s a beauty.


Here’s an adoption photo with a difference. Clearly the excitement of going to his furever home was a bit too much for Brogan and he had to take a little nap. 😃This is our 238th adoption.


To those of you who guessed ‘less than one day’ for how long it would take Chica to get adopted – you were right! Here she is cuddling up with her new Mom at the TRN store yesterday afternoon before heading off to her furever home. That is our 237th adoption and the joy never gets old.


This might be my favourite photo of the month. Remember little Mia? She was one of our hidden gems. She was found wandering in the desert and her foster spent a long time nursing her back to health. Well here she is now with her new Dad ❤️ headed off to her furever home. We are so happy for this sweet girl. This is our 236th adoption. If you would like to contribute to help us find homes for more senior dogs, text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.


I didn’t even get chance to post this little sweetie. But this is D’Lyla headed off to her furever home with her new Mom ❤️ Congratulations little one, have a wonderful life.If you’re keeping count, that’s our 235th adoption.


This one really warms my heart. Charlie is such a sweet, gentle boy. His Dad got posted overseas and we needed to find him a home asap. Well here is our Charlie Boy with his new Dad, heading home to be loved and cherished ❤️ This is our 234th adoption.


Look at Shiloh with her new family ❤️ What a lovely picture. That’s right, we are celebrating our 233rd adoption.
If you would like to help to support our work, text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.


Well look at Miss Daisy, getting ready to go home with her new Dad ❤️ This lovely dog has found her furever home at last, we’re thrilled. This is our 232nd adoption.


Look at this perfect picture. Two, happy smiling faces 😊 Here’s Leidy with her new Mom and doesn’t she look delighted to be going home at last?Leidy is our 231st adoption. If you would like to help keep the adoptions coming, text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.









Peanut Butter-Adopted


We knew it wouldn’t take long didn’t we? Here’s Bucky with his new sister Lila and his new Mom. Congratulations Bucky, enjoy your furever home. ❤️❤️❤️ This is our 229th adoption.


You know sometimes we get dogs that come in and then get adopted so quickly we don’t even have chance to post them? Well that is exactly what happened with Joey today. Here he is with his new Mom getting all the love and cuddles ❤️
Joey is our 228th adoption. If you’d like to help us keep finding homes for senior dogs, text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.

Hubba Bubba aka Otis-ADOPTED



Lola got adopted. 😊 Here she is with her new family and her new brother. He’s 15 years old. Before the adoption was finalised they went for a stroll around La Encantada Shopping Centre together and it was as if they had been together their whole lives. A perfect match and our 223rd adoption.


Now you see me, now you don’t! This is Mufasa, he came to the TRN store for the first time today and got adopted. Such a lucky boy ❤️That’s our 222nd adoption and we’re delighted.


Well our weekend is officially made! Here’s Jed with his new furever family. He’s going to live on a ranch with goats and chickens and horses. We needed to find a very specific home for this gorgeous dog and we think we’ve nailed it. Have a fantastic life sweet Jed. We’re so happy for you but we are certainly going to miss you ❤️That’s our 224th adoption.

If you’d like to help keep us going please text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.


These days it’s nice to have a story to restore our faith in humanity. We asked for an angel, and here she is. Penny got adopted. Now she will have her surgery and have a loving home in which to recuperate. We are so happy. ❤️❤️❤️
That’s our 220th adoption.


Guess what? More good news – Tess got adopted! This sweet girl has finally found her human and her furever home and she could barely stand still long enough to take a photo she was so excited. ❤️❤️❤️ That is adoption number 221. If you’d like to help us keep up the good work, text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.






But wait a minute, we’re not done yet. What about adoption number 219? Yes, that’s right, more good news. Sweet little Jasmine got adopted today too. What a fabulous day. Three dogs going to their furever homes to be loved and cherished. If you’d like to help us, please text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.

Bella & Buttercup-ADOPTED

Our Double Delight are going home! Our adoption numbers 217 and 218 are the delightful duo of Bella and Buttercup. Here they are with their new Mom. ❤️❤️🐾



Michael Phelps-ADOPTED




Zoltan with a TRN Volunteer…


This is 12yr old Chiquis and today he was adopted and now is going to his forever home!


Beau getting adopted!




Fifi getting some lovin…

Ruckus and Cletus- ADOPTED

Here is Ruckus going home with his new brothers and sisters…

Here is Cletus with his new family…


Cowgirl with her new mom, she was so happy not having to go back to the shelter!











Here is Lola with her new mom going to her forever home!!!


We are delighted that Thurber is finally going home tonight instead of back to the shelter and judging by the look on his face, I think Thurber is pretty happy too.He’s our 177th adoption.


This beautiful girl is Poppy, she is 9 years.

If you would like information about her please text John at 206 718 3309


Look at this sweet girl  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 
This is 10 year old Magdalena. She is a very loving older lady looking for a quiet place to lay and enjoy the rest of her days …she’s a gentle, happy soul and would love a forever home. If you would like to give her that loving home, text John for an appointment at 206 718 3309


A total love bug ❤️
Diamond will be at the TRN store on Tuesday. She is 10 years old and the sweetest, loving dog you could ever wish to meet. She recently had surgery to have some gall stones removed and has made a full recovery. She would love a quiet home where she can snuggle with her human. She is good with other dogs but again would be best with a quiet, gentle companion.
If you would like to meet her, please text John at 206 718 3309


Roscoe is ready to go! 
5 year old Roscoe loves riding in the car and would love to be in a family who likes to hike and camp. Yes, he enjoys the great outdoors.

If this sounds like your kind of dog, please text John at 206 718 3309 to arrange to meet him.


Such a beautiful smile 😊This is Tasha, she is 11 years old, house broken, good with other dogs and has lived with small dogs, cats and children.She would love to have a family take her home, could that be you?

Please text John at 206 718 3309 if you would like to meet Tasha.


How handsome is Chevy? Very handsome! Chevy is 13 yrs old but you would never know it he has lots of energy and loves people, walks and being a clown. He has a great attitude and just wants some love and attention. He has just had surgery to have some masses removed and is doing great.

If you would like to give this goofy guy a loving home please text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment.


A very beautiful flower…This is Lilly, she is 14 yrs old and weighs 43 lbs. She’s a very sweet, gentle little lady, loves her walks and would be a perfect companion. She does need to have some dental work done.

If you would like to make an appointment to see her, please text John at 206 718 3309


How sweet is this guy?
This is 12 yr old Mando. He’s a very gentle old man who just wants a quiet place to live and a companion to hang out with. He’s super friendly, of course he is, he’s a lab 😄 He has been an outside dog most of his life but it’s time for him to come inside to a loving forever home. He would be perfect for an older person who would like a loyal friend.

If you would like to meet Mando please text John at 206 718 3309


Such a beautiful smile 😍
This is Aceso, she’s an 8 year old pit and she is the sweetest girl. She loves people and she grew up with small dogs. She does not have any experience with children. She is active and has no medical issues.
If you would like to make an appointment to meet her, please text John at 206 718 3309


How beautiful are this ladies eyelashes? 
This is Sadie, she is an 8 year old Shepherd/Shar pei mix and weighs 31 pounds. She has lived with children and another dog and she is house trained. She’s so affectionate and surprisingly energetic for her age. She just wants to find her furever home. Can you provide that for her?

If you would like to meet Sadie please text John at 206 718 3309




Bailey- ADOPTED!

Lady, Fana and Hero- ALL ADOPTED!


8 Adoptions in Five Days!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
You can’t have failed to notice what an amazing week we’ve had. Eight adoptions in five days – wow! We’re delighted. But we couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you for sharing our FB posts, thank you for spreading the word, thank you for mentioning to a friend who you know is looking for a dog, that there is a perfect one waiting for them at TRN, thank you for donating, thank you for coming into the store and buying toys and treats thus contributing money to the cause, thank you for creating a buzz about what we do. All of this helps us to continue to get beautiful dogs into their furever homes. ❤️❤️❤️


Occasionally we unwittingly play a part in an extraordinary story when we match people up with dogs. This story really is special. We have got permission from the family to share it and it once again, highlights the amazing support we all get from our beloved canine family members. Fair warning, you might need a Kleenex for this one.Last week we shared a beautiful picture of a lady and her son who had just adopted Rosie. One of our volunteers is friends with the son and knew that his Mom was looking for a dog so he had suggested Rosie. With the adoption completed, the mother and son had left the TRN store but because of various protocols with that particular dog, John arranged to meet them at PACC when he took the dogs back at 3.30pm to finalise everything with Rosie. About half an hour later John received a phone call informing him that at the time the lady was adopting Rosie her husband had passed away. Her husband was in hospice so it was not unexpected apparently but of course it was still a huge shock. John said not to worry about Rosie, he would put her on hold so they could get her at a later date. Imagine his surprise when the son called back and said no, his Mom still wanted to collect Rosie. She explained that she was sitting with Rosie at the exact time that her husband passed and she felt the dog had come into her life at that precise moment for a reason, to provide her with love and support at such a sad time. So Rosie was picked up and taken home and later that evening we received another text from the son explaining how Rosie and his Mom were cuddled up together and she was so grateful to have her there.Wow, I didn’t even get through typing this without crying. It just goes to prove, yet again how important dogs are to us and how they can be such a comfort in times of tragedy. We know that Rosie and her new Mom will get through this together and go on to build many happy memories in the future.

Tank- Adopted

We have a number of dogs that are either with fosters or with family members until we can find them homes. They will come to the TRN store only when someone makes an appointment to meet them.
Our first ‘APPOINTMENT ONLY’ dog is Tank. How gorgeous is this guy? 😍
Tank is a 9 year old chow/lab mix. He weighs 65 pounds and he knows sit and will give you his paw too. Tank is taking no notice what people say about his age and is still young at heart and full of beans. He loves walks and basically doing whatever you are doing. He likes to be involved 😄
If you would like to meet this handsome chap please text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment.

Jenny- Adopted

Jenny is in ‘da house! 
If you are looking for a sweet, loving friend Jenny could be the dog for you. She’s 9 years old, great with children, house broken, easy to walk and just as sweet as can be. She loves people and would be great addition to your family. 

If you would like to meet her please text John at 206 718 3309

Companion Dog- Envy- Adopted

It doesn’t matter what your political leanings are or what age, race or religion you are, there is no denying that 2020 has been a really tough year. There has been a steep increase in mental health problems and loneliness has become a very serious issue. While older people have been very effected by the sense of isolation that has inevitably occurred due to covid, all generations have been struggling with this changed lifestyle. 
We have a recommendation to help get you throu gh each day with a smile. A Companion Dog. Companion Dogs have got all their wild days out of the way and now are just content to be there for you and give you constant and unconditional love. They won’t ask you who you are going to vote for, they’ll just give you a big, soggy kiss. They won’t tell you to wear or not wear a mask, they’ll just greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail. And all those hugs you’ve been missing out on? They have an endless supply of them, just for you.
We are going to feature a new Companion Dog each week. These dogs are quiet and gentle, asking for nothing more than a gentle walk each day and a soft couch, bed, blanket (or all three!) to lie on. They are not high maintenance they are just total cuddlebugs and yes, great companions. 
This weeks Companion Dog is Envy. She is 9 years old and the sweetest girl you could wish to meet. She loves to give kisses and to sleep with her head on your lap. Just look at these photos – don’t you feel better already? She’s going to be at the TRN store on Tuesday so if you think this is the companion you’ve been looking for, please text John at 206 718 3309 to arrange to meet her.


Daisy’s going home ❤️❤️❤️Here she is with her new brother and her new Mom. What a wonderful piece of news to be able to share with you all. This lovely dog has had such a tough life so far but now she will be loved and cherished.Our 175th adoption


Sweet Rocky is going to be at the TRN store tomorrow, Saturday and we really want to find this gentle soul his perfect home. If you know someone who would give this furry bundle of love a great home please spread the word. Rocky is 10 years old so he is looking for a quiet home where his primary role is to be a loving companion. 

Text John at 206 718 3309 and make an appointment to meet this adorable dog.

OK, now we have prove of Rocky’s breed. As I expected he must be at least half Australian Shepard. Today, on day 3 at the ranch, he showed us that old dogs rock. He doesn’t care about his age (11 years) nor his arthritis (Mom gives him now joint supplements). So, I have to teach a second deaf dog NOT to chase horses….

Chick O & Toco- Adopted

This is Chick O Teen and Toco, both 8 yrs old. they are bonded and have been together since they were puppies. They want to be adopted together. The thing is a bonded pair is really just like having one because they always have a buddy to play with and they keep each other company, so when you leave they don’t feel alone.

People that adopt bonded pairs have really enjoyed the experience. Call/text John at 206-718-3309 to make an appointment to come and meet them at TRN adoption store at La Encantada shopping center.

Trouble & Sheeza- Adopted

Our bonded pair, Trouble and Sheeza really need to find a good home. Poor little Trouble, the Chihauhau, is so anxious and afraid. They just don’t understand why their owners never came back for them. Trouble is 4 years old and Sheeza is 11 years old. They are both as sweet as can be and totally devoted to each other. Do you have room in your heart for these two?
If you would like to meet them, please text John at 206 718 3309

Jax- Adopted

My goodness this is one handsome fella. Jax is 6 years old and weighs 64 pounds. He’s good with children and good with other dogs so he’d make a fantastic family dog. He walks well on the leash and best of all, he’s a great big softie. He loves people ❤️

If you’d like to come into the TRN store to meet him, please text John at 206 718 3309


We thought you’d like to know as many of you have been following this handsome boy – DC got adopted. It wasn’t through TRN so we don’t get to add him to our list but fantastic news none the less. DC has been waiting a long time for his perfect people to find him and now it’s happened. Congratulations DC, we’re so happy for you.


Here it is, the picture we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s Envy snuggled up with her new Mom. This has been the best day. We’ve struggled to work out why no one chose this gorgeous dog day after day, week after week but of course it was just that we had to wait for the perfect match for such a special girl.This is our 187th adoption but perhaps more importantly it is our 6th adoption this week, which beats our previous record of five. And we’ve still got two more days to go!If you would like to help us continue this great work, please text


Lorenzo got adopted! 🍾🍾No sooner did he arrive from the groomers than this lady fell in love with him and that was it! Headed off to his new life with his new Mom. Well done little guy ❤️He’s our 188th adoption and the 7th this week!


Antonio got adopted! 🎉🎉🎉Our amazing week of adoptions continues with this little cutie. How could he not get adopted looking as adorable as that. Doesn’t he just look so happy about it too? That’s our 189th adoption and our 8th this week – Phew! If you’d like to help us keep this run going please text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.


Sugar got adopted 🎉🎉🎉
Just look how delighted she is, giving out kisses to her new family. What a cutie. Congratulations Sugar, we are delighted that you have found your furever home.
That’s adoption number 182 – wow!
If you would like to help TRN continue to get dogs adopted, please text ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate


This is such a sweet picture. I think this is a perfect match ❤️ Yes, that’s right, Cosmo got adopted. We couldn’t be happier and think these two will have many great adventures together.
Our 183rd adoption. We are creeping closer to that magical 200. Help us get there by texting ‘Doggie’ 44321 to donate.


Whoever adopts this gorgeous girl is going to have a real treasure.This is Daisy and she is the sweetest girl, she’s 9yrs old but looks younger. She has had a very difficult life and really deserves a loving forever home. She was living with a women who was not mentally able to care for herself or her dog. She lived in a roach infested house with dried animal waste all over the floor, was not taken out regularly. And yet through all that she is such a sweet, gentle dog and ready to have a loving home where she will be spoiled and pampered…

Daisy’s going home ❤️❤️❤️
Here she is with her new brother and her new Mom. What a wonderful piece of news to be able to share with you all. This lovely dog has had such a tough life so far but now she will be loved and cherished.
Our 175th adoption.


Look at Rocky’s face! He’s in love ❤️❤️
Rocky got adopted today. This lady was looking for a sweet, loving companion and she found the perfect one. Congratulations Rocky, we know you are going to be so happy. That makes 180 adoptions – we’re on a roll!
If you would like to help us to continue to find great homes for senior dogs you can donate by texting ‘Doggie’ 44321

Blake (Roger)-

When I did the post about sweet little Blake being adopted I mentioned that the person who adopted him had just had to have their dog put down. Now I have permission to tell the full story and although it starts out sad, we know it has a happy endingJohn’s brother had a 6 yr old Jack Russel (Amy) that started having seizures about three weeks ago, he took her to the vet to have her checked out. They gave him some medication to see if that would help but it didn’t. The seizures increased to the point that he took her to the Specialty Hospital to have an MRI, Spinal Tab and Blood test. They kept her for over a week for observation and after all that they still didn’t know what was wrong. On Tuesday on advice from the vet, John’s brother reluctantly had to have his beloved companion euthanized. John, of course, went with him and needless to say it was a very traumatic experience. As John was driving him home from the vet, his brother was devastated and unable to speak. After saying nothing for about ten minutes, suddenly, through his tears he said “I have to get another dog, I can’t be without a dog.” With a heavy heart, John dropped him home and went on up to the TRN adoption store. He walked in and saw a little Jack Russel mix that was the exact colours of his brother’s dog. What are the chances of that? I can’t remember the last time we had a Jack Russel available for adoption! His name was Blake. John could not believe it, he took a picture of the little guy and texted it to his brother. He called him about ten minutes later to see if he got the picture. His brother answered the phone, and said “I’m on my way.” He came right up to the store and sat with Blake for a few minutes, it was love at first sight! Blake jumped up onto his lap and a little while later they left the store together. John’s brother called later and said how well he and Blake, now renamed Roger, were getting along and how happy he was that he had a loving new companion.I feel very lucky to be able to share such a beautiful story with you. This is a reminder of why we do what we do. The picture on the left is the poor, sweet dog, Amy, who had to be euthanized. The second picture is Blake/Roger and the third picture is the love match ❤️❤️❤️

Here is the picture of sweet Amy and now the new companion Roger!!

For people that prefer to text, you can text a donation



I think all of us wished we could adopt this adorable fluffy boy.
Yes that’s right, Buddy got adopted 🍾🍾🍾. Look at his big smiley face. This dog was one in a million and he will really complete this great family. Congratulations Buddy, that’s our 179th adoption.

If you would like to help us to continue finding great homes for senior dogs you can donate by texting ‘Doggie’ 44321

For people that prefer to text, you can text a donation



Roscoe got adopted  🎉 🍾 
He’s only been to the TRN store a couple of times but today was his lucky day. Here he is with his new family heading home. We are so happy for you Roscoe  ❤️ 
Our 168th adoption.


We knew that sweet Bella deserved somewhere really special after everything she’d been through and boy has she got it. Bella was adopted today and is now living on a 50 acre ranch with a pack of senior dogs that follow their Mom around during the day and then go inside to comfy beds and all sleep together when the sun goes down. We are so happy for Bella, she is going to have the best life from now on.And she knows it, look at her smile ❤️❤️She is our 165th adoption.


Yippee! More good news. Beautiful Boots got adopted today. The first picture shows her with her new Mom, and look at that fabulous big smile. The second picture is one that her new Mom just sent us. The message with the picture said ‘I’m sorry, I don’t like Boots. I absolutely love her! ❤️❤️Boots is our 166th adoption.

We achieve so much by word of mouth. One of our volunteers shared a picture of beautiful Murray on FB, her neighbours saw it, went to the TRN store and adopted her! Thank you all for spreading the word. Congratulations to beautiful Murray, you will be so loved ❤️
That’s our 163rd adoption.

We don’t have a picture of him with his new family yet but great news, Rocky got adopted today. 🎉🍾 We’re so happy that this sweet boy is finally going home to be loved. Congratulations Rocky.

But wait, we’re not done yet. Our THIRD adoption of the day was the beautiful Karen. Such a gorgeous dog. We couldn’t be happier ❤️❤️❤️And that is our 161st adoption. What a great day.

After Winnie got adopted then Tate found his own family, our second adoption of the day ❤️❤️ Tate is our 160th adoption. Yippee 🎉🍾

We had a really great day at TRN today. Winnie got adopted. Here she is with her new Mom ❤️ We’re so delighted for them both.

Harlow was confiscated from an abusive environment by animal control officers. She had cactus lodged in her throat and still has a bullet in her skull. Adopted in February 2020, we found Harlow some new people who will give her the love she deserves and then some. We believe in turnarounds!
We conjure an easy, laid-back environment so senior dogs and people can get to know each other in a setting that is more like home than a shelter. This person spent a long time on a couch with Peanut one day, then called us first thing the next morning to let us know she was on her way to fetch him. Adopted in February 2020, Peanut is a tiny bit extra-special: our 100th adoption since opening. Go home, little doggie.
Sugar was adopted in February 2020 at our adoption marathon featuring senior dogs from Pima Animal Care Center. These two Phoenix residents drove to Tucson after seeing our Facebook post about her. Sugar has a home again because of the commitment both PACC and TRN have made to senior dogs and because of our volunteers who foster senior dogs struggling to adjust to shelter life. We thank all of you who follow us on Facebook and share our posts, because that’s how Sugar found her home. We all did it together!
Girlie, a 9 year old, 3-legged lab mix, was adopted by this wonderful person during an adoption marathon featuring senior dogs from PACC in February 2020. She is the 95th senior dog adoption we have facilitated. Now, who looks happier, the person or the dog?
Mucura applies some love to her brand new person. She was adopted in February 2020 and is our 88th adoption since opening.
After spending just 1 day at Tucson Rescue Now, Hazel, 7 years old, found her new home in February 2020.
This 11 year old Boston terrier, Yogi, found his new mom and a couple sisters in February 2020. Now part of a three-generation family, Yogi’s future is bright and secure.
We invited this person to sit with our senior dogs while her friend was shopping next door. One thing led to another, and well… Dogs know the way to your heart. Sweet Winnie, 7 years old, went home, January 2020.
Fonzi, a 7 year old terrier mix, was adopted by the person on the right, but the person on the left lives just a few doors away and is now Fonzi’s vice-person.
Toby with his new family, January 2020. This little one was adopted during his first day at Tucson Rescue Now. He barely had time to make the couch warm.
5-year-old Mork and 7-year-old Mindy came to us as a very closely bonded pair. We did not want to separate them by adoption. Thanks to this very kind person, their time at a shelter is over, and they will live the rest of their lives together.
Watch out mall security officers! You will see soulful senior dogs on walks at La Encantada, and you might decide you can’t go home without one. And so, Scooter found his match in December 2019. Love at first sight.
Adopted in November 2020, we see many car rides in Allie’s future, and we bet those boys will keep her busy playing. Lucky dog, lucky family.