Why Seniors?

Why senior dogs? They are dignified, obedient, vigilant, soulful. They have had lots of time to learn about people, and they know the way to your heart. The greyer the dog, the better.

Here are some senior dogs that we helped find new homes . Are you ready to bring some senior dog love into your family?

Everyone Needs a Companion-

What adopting a senior can do 

Senior Companion Dogs and Why People Need To Adopt One.

It’s true, in tough times everyone needs companionship.

TRN specializes in senior (5 yrs. and older) companion dogs, we go through the shelters daily looking for senior dogs that have been “owner surrendered” or have been picked up by animal protection officers. 

We check as much information that is available about the dog. If the dog was owner surrender, we can find out a lot of behavior information like: how the dog was with other dogs, cats and kids. We use this to better match the dog with its perfect companion.

We have noticed that a large percent of people that text or call us about dogs for adoption already have a rescue or multiple rescue dogs. They are wanting to get another one because they know how great these senior dogs are and how much joy they bring into your life. 


 If you are one of the lucky ones that already have a senior dog in your home the best thing you can do to help get these senior dogs adopted is to spread the word on how much joy and love rescuing a senior can bring to your family, parent or friends.

Let people that you know that don’t have a dog how much joy a rescue dog will bring into their life.

We want the people that have experienced the love of loyal companionship from adopting senior dogs pass this message on to others. 

  • Banjo. The grey on the face, the look in their eyes. They are worth saving. They are worth your time.