How We Started

Two Guys and a Couch

John Gilbert and Jace Powers formed Tucson Rescue Now. In August 2018 both became volunteers at Pima Animal Care Center. The two J’s noticed one strange but sad thing. Senior dogs were not getting attention or adopted, the older dogs were overlooked.

John and Jace decided to dedicate their time and effort by focusing on adopting senior dogs. What would get people’s attention? How could they bring light to show how affectionate and easy senior dogs are? John, having been in the retail business for decades, knew a way: Bring the Senior Dogs to the people. Jace agreed.

And this is how it all started, putting on events to bring the people to the dogs! Jace and John bought couches and soft blankets to make the dogs comfortable and help prospective adopters see these dogs in a different, family light.

John Gilbert (standing) and Jace Powers, the founders of Tucson Rescue Now at one of their first pop-up events for adopting senior dogs

Putting senior dogs on couches at fun, creative, community-engaged adoption events, people can see how wonderful these senior dogs are, relaxing and lounging on couches, just like at home.

Tucson Rescue Now’s first community event in late fall of 2018, “Doggie Home for the Holidays,” was a smashing success. Twelve senior dogs were adopted right off the couches. These senior dogs had been overlooked at the shelter due to the inherent stresses the dogs are under while at the shelter.

At a smaller event, “Find Your Perfect Companion,” three senior dogs found homes while unwinding on their couches. One dog adopted at this event had been in the shelter for more than six months!

And so, the story continues. Two Guys and a Couch are making strides in helping senior dogs and humans find that match, bringing a new member to the family. After all, we all want to be loved.