Dogs Available For Adoption Now

If you would like to help by donating, please text ‘Doggie’ to 44321


Ahhhhh! I can’t bear the cuteness! We have such gorgeous dogs in store today. This handsome chap is Saunders, he’s 5 years old, he weighs 67 pounds and he’s totally adorable. To get more info or to make an appointment to meet him, text John at 206 718 3309.


8 year old Maya is a super sweet, gentle girl who loves people and has lived with other dogs. She is currently taking medications to clear up a skin condition and she would really like a home where she can recuperate, heal and be loved.

If you can provide that for this beautiful dog, please text John at 206 718 3309.



Our second Brindle Beauty is Gabriel and he is here for the hugs ❤️ We just adore this sweet, cuddly boy with his happy, smiling face. Gabriel is 7 years old and weighs 45 pounds, he’s really well behaved, gets along with other dogs and children and does great walking on the leash.

Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet him, he’s a beauty.


This handsome 4 year old loves children and would like to be part of a family. He loves to learn tricks and he’s a super smart boy.

Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet him.


Rhino is such a gorgeous boy, he is waiting for a loving person to take him home. We don’t have much info on this handsome 10 year old as he came in as a stray but we do know that he is super sweet ❤️

Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet him.

Ruby Jean-

Look at this lovely girl, this is Ruby Jean and she’s going to be at the TRN store today. Ruby Jean is 5 years old and weighs 55 pounds, she is good with bigger dogs but not small dogs. We have no history of how she is with children but she cannot live with cats. Ruby Jean is a fun, affectionate girl and she loves belly rubs 😆 Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet her.




We have a new ‘Hidden Gem’ for you. Our ‘Hidden Gems’ are dogs that are in foster care and they will be bought to the store specifically when you make an appointment to meet them. Shasta is 5 years old and weighs 25 pounds. She loves to play catch and chase tennis balls and will squeal with delight when anybody plays ball with her. She know all of the basic commands, and never chews on the furniture or shoes. She has plenty of energy when it is time to play, but also loves to just hang out at home as well. Shasta has not been around small children or other dogs much at home, but she does socialize well with most other dogs when she meets them.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet this sweet little girl please text John at 206 718 3309.


She’s still waiting………..and wondering why no one wants to take her home. She’s being such a good girl, greeting everyone with big sloppy kisses and wiggles. She’s sweet and loving and cuddly. Surely there is someone out there who can give a furever home to this dear, gorgeous dog. Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet Rosabella, she has kisses for you.




Look at this big, old snuggle bug ❤️
This is our third ‘Hidden Gem’ today. These are dogs that are currently in foster homes but need to be adopted into permanent homes.
This is King he’s 4 years old and weighs 80 pounds and needs to be in a home with no small children and no small dogs.

If you would like more info or would like to make an appointment to meet King, please text John at 206 718 3309


Athena is the second of our hidden gems today. She is currently doing really well with her foster family but we would love to find her furever home. This adorable 2 year old won her fosters over with her sweet, quiet ways. She really enjoys the simple pleasures in life like being brushed, chewing toys, and morning walks around the neighbourhood. In between times she is a dedicated couch potatoe. She is a little nervous of things like trucks and flags and people she doesn’t know so she needs to be with someone who will provide her with plenty of reassurance and help to build her confidence. In return you will be getting a very sweet, loving companion.

Our hidden gems only come to the TRN store when you make an appointment to meet them so text John today at 206 718 3309 if you would like to meet Athena.



Look at this big softie ❤️❤️❤️This is Sufi and she is a people person. She loves people. She loves to cuddle up and although she is 50 pounds she thinks that she is the perfect size to be a lap dog. She gets on with some dogs but she would really be best as an only dog, and no cats. She’s great with children and just wants to be part of a loving family. She does have a weakness in one hind leg so she wears a brace when going out for walks, she walks very well on the leash but she will want to say hello to everyone she meets so that she can collect some extra cuddles.

Come and meet this big old love bug, text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment.


Handsome Icarus is the perfect companion dog, he’s 9 years old and weighs 78 pounds and he’s a great cuddler. He walks quietly on the leash and all he wants is to be by your side. He has lived with other dogs but as he is older he would appreciate being the only dog and getting all the love.

Text John at 206 718 3309 to meet him today.


I can hardly stand it – this face is SO adorable 😍🥰This is Crixus, he’s 12 years old and the sweetest old chap you could ever wish to meet. All he asks for is a warm, peaceful home were he can love and be loved by his human. Please text John at 206 718 3309 and take this beautiful dog into your heart today.


She’s 10 years old. Diabetic and blind, but she doesn’t care that she can’t see. She’s a true velcro dog, wants to be next to her humans all of the time. She is a mellow couch potoato most of the time, but gets wound up like a much younger dog when she has a squeaky toy. She is well behaved knows basic commands and learns new stuff quickly. 

Call John Gilbert 206-718-3309 and make an appointment to come and meet Seline at the TRN adoption store at La Encantada shopping Center 2905 E Skyline Dr. 

A TRN Favorite Seline, she blind but doesn’t know it. She is the happiest girl and always busy… she is better than watching TV!