Dogs Available For Adoption Now

If you would like to help by donating, please text ‘Doggie’ to 44321

When you adopt a dog from the TRN store we want to make sure that you have a great care package for your new furever friend. As a gift from TRN you’ll be going home with this fantastic range of Essential Pet products. We love these products and all use them for our dogs too.


So many volunteers adore this guy it can’t be a coincidence. He really is one of a kind. Ralphy is 5 years old and weighs 87 pounds. This big chunk did put on a few covid pounds so he could do with dropping a few but he’ll just tell you ‘there’s more to love!’ Ralphy always wears a big smile and his tail is like a metronome, it never stops keeping rhythm with his joy. He needs to be in a home with no cats and he does get a bit boisterous around other dogs but only because he wants them to share his excitement. We would need to do a doggie meet and greet with any existing dogs to make sure they can handle Ralphy’s exuberance. Come to the TRN store today and meet this gorgeous boy, if you can’t make it text 520 979 4015 and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.


And then there were six! Look at this gorgeous smile. This is Frida and she’s also coming to the TRN store today. Frida is 4 years old and weighs 60 pounds. She is good with other dogs and with children but we do not know how she is with cats. Frida will be totally devoted to whoever her furever person will be. she will want to stick by your side and do whatever you do. She also knows how to tell you when she wants extra cuddles, she puts her paws on your lap and gazes into your eyes while her tail wags at a hundred beats per minute. Doesn’t she sound great?

If you would like to me her, please text 520 203 2171 to make an appointment.


How can you not smile looking at this adorable face? Now imagine waking up to that winning smile every day. Think how much better your life would be. The lady behind this beautiful grin is Justine. She’s 6 years old and she weighs 86 pounds. Like Ralphy she could do with losing a few of those covid pounds with some gentle portion control. Justine needs to be in a home without children or small dogs. We would definitely need a doggie meet and greet with any dogs you already have if you are thinking of adopting her. She’d also be quite happy being an only dog so that she could have all the love and cuddles for herself. This lovely lady enjoys walks and still has plenty of energy, she’s also fully house trained. Do come and meet her today, we know you’ll love her. If you can’t get to the store, text Jeri at 520 979 4015 to schedule an appointment.


We’re still looking for the right person to love Lobo. And frankly, what’s not to love? For starters he looks like a big, white, fluffy teddy bear. He’s such a sweet, mellow guy who just wants to sleep, pootle around the yard and get lots of love. He is visually impaired but still gets around fine he also gets along with other dogs. Can you give him a peaceful retirement home? He would be a perfect companion.

Come to the TRN store today and spend some time with him, he’ll soon win you over 😉 If you can’t make it into the store, text Jeri at 520 979 4015 to arrange an appointment


Check out handsome Sid, isn’t he magnificent? Sid is 6 years old and weighs 45 pounds. He looks like a hunky big dude doesn’t he? In fact he is more like Sid the Sloth in Ice Age in that he would really like to find his Manny and Diego and be part of a ‘herd.’ You see Sid is not very brave so he’d like a housemate to teach him that the world isn’t scary. Sid is a very good boy, he’s crate trained and walks well on the leash, he’s also smart and would love to learn more. His ideal human would be one who will reassure him and instil confidence in him. He would do best in a quiet household without young children.

Come and meet Sid at the TRN store today, you’ll love him. If you can’t make it in, email and we’ll set up an appointment for you.


How precious is this little face? This is Zari and she’s going to be at the TRN store tomorrow, Tuesday. Zari is 8 years old and weighs 10 pounds. She was in pretty bad shape but with a lot of TLC she is now doing much better. This little lady is so sweet and gentle, she walks well on the leash, gets along with other dogs and is crate trained too. Do come on in to the TRN store and see this gorgeous ‘Little.’ She is looking for a calm, quiet furever home, can you give her that? If you can’t get to the store, text 714 329 8557 to make an appointment.


Bloomy is such a handsome boy 😍 This sweet 8 year old has not had the love he deserves and is looking to make up for lost time on that with his new owner. We think he deserves ALL the love because he’s such a friendly, gentle dog. He is house trained and has lived with children and he’s really relaxed and calm with the other dogs at the shelter. Bloomy would really love a nice retirement home and he’s hoping to find it very soon. Come to the TRN store today and meet him or text 520 979 4015 to make an appointment.


Sara’s got those winning ‘puppy dog eyes.’ How can you resist them when you know they are saying ‘please take me home and love me.’ This gorgeous pup is 8 years old and weighs 50 pounds. We don’t know if she has any experience of cats or children but she seems to get along fine with the other dogs at the shelter. She is a really loving character and she walks well on the leash. We think she would make the perfect loving, loyal companion. Come to the TRN store today if you would like to meet her or text 520 203 2171 to arrange an appointment.


Lucky needs someone to take care of him. He will be scheduled to have hip surgery on each hip once we find a committed foster so that he has somewhere quiet to to heal and recuperate after his surgeries. This handsome 8 year old is such a sweet boy and deserves a chance to settle in a safe, loving home. He will pay his foster back with so much love because he’s a really affectionate and cuddly chap. Can you help him out? If so, come to the TRN store today, he’ll be here until 3pm. If you can’t get in, text 520 979 4015 to schedule and appointment.

Ruby Jean-

Look at this lovely girl, this is Ruby Jean and she’s going to be at the TRN store today. Ruby Jean is 5 years old and weighs 55 pounds, she is good with bigger dogs but not small dogs. We have no history of how she is with children but she cannot live with cats. Ruby Jean is a fun, affectionate girl and she loves belly rubs 😆 Text John at 206 718 3309 to make an appointment to meet her.


Look at lovely Lilly lounging luxuriously. Don’t be deceived by this photo though, this 6 year old loves to be on the go. she would do really well with an active family or couple who love to hike, camp, kayak and swim. Especially swim, that’s Lilly’s favourite of all. She needs to be in a home without cats but she just loves being with people. Lilly is dog selective so a meet and greet would be required if you already have a dog.

Come on in and meet this fun girl today or text 520 979 4015 to make an appointment.

Our girl Lilly has been quite busy this past weekend. She has earned a special award for excellence in agility. We told you that this beautiful 6 year old was no slouch didn’t we? Do you enjoy dog agility? You would have a willing and talented pupil to work with if you adopt Lilly. Even if dog agility is not your thing, Lilly is a super fun, active dog who loves to join in on hikes and go swimming with you. She is also good with other dogs and such a sweet, loving girl.


This precious girl is Sadie and she is at the TRN store for the first time today. She had an altercation with another dog and ended up losing an ear but we still think she’s gorgeous. Sadie is 13 years old and like many seniors is a bit deaf and has a touch of arthritis but other than that she’s in good shape. She is great with other dogs, very well mannered, loves being brushed, going for car rides and getting lots of attention. Sadie would love to find a comfy, loving retirement home, can you offer her that?

Meet her today at the TRN store or text 520 979 4015 to set up an appointment.


He just needs a family to love ❤️❤️❤️Buster has spent most of his 8 years as part of a family and he longs for those times again. This sweet boy has so much love to give and he dreams of being the centre of family life once more. He has the spirit of a young dog and wants to join in with walks and all the adventures. Buster is quite dog selective so careful intros would be required, honestly he would also be very happy as an only dog so he could have all the love. Do come and meet this handsome boy, he’ll be at the TRN store today.

If you can’t make it in, text 520 203 2171 to set up an appointment.


This handsome chap is Louie. We are still trying to get our head around the fact that he is 11 years old because he certainly doesn’t look like it or act like it. Louie is quite strong on the leash but he gets so much joy going out and investigating everything. He is so friendly and playful, he will make a great addition to someones family and you will have tons of fun together. Louie is dog reactive so would do best as an only dog. If you can’t make it to the store, text 520 979 4015 to make an appointment to meet him.

Don Lupe-

Uh oh, ‘Little’ alert! This one scores high on the ‘outrageously cute’ scale. Don Lupe is 10 years old and weighs an enormous 7 pounds. He has the usual swagger of a tiny dog who knows he’s huge but he’s also quite content to be carried and cuddled. He is quite chatty and likes to voice his opinions on certain things, he’s got a surprisingly deep voice for such a tiny guy too 😆 Come into the store and meet him today, if you can’t make it, text 520 979 4015 to make an appointment.


This is one seriously good looking dog! This is Simba, he’s 2 years old, which is much younger than our usual dogs but he has been at the shelter for too long so we want to help get him a home of his own. Simba is dog selective so we would definitely require a thorough dog meet and greet if you already have another dog. Simba is energetic and would do really well with an active family who enjoys outdoor activities. He is such a fun guy and can’t wait to find his perfect family. If you can’t make it to the store to meet him, text 520 203 2171 to set up an appointment.


We are looking for a very special person…This adorable boy is Henning and he has cancer. We need to find him a hospice foster. We realise this is a very big ask because this story doesn’t have a happy ending. That being said, this story can have many happy chapters and bring great joy to a very, very sweet dog. We know that you will have many questions about this potential foster and we can’t begin to answer them all here. For more information about how this foster would work, please contact our Foster Specialist at 714 329 8557. In the mean time I can tell you that Henning is 8 years old, he is a fantastic cuddler and he considers nap time to be a very serious business. He does enjoy his food which is a good thing because he was emaciated when he came in. He’s super smart and loves to learn new things, he gets on with other dogs, he walks really well on the leash, and he loves car rides, especially if you take him to the drive thru and buy him a puppacino 😆 As you can tell, Henning is still very much enjoying life. Could you be that very special person we are looking for?

Call or text 714 329 8557 if you think you can help.


Take a look at this magnificent girl! Isn’t she stunning?This is Bailey, she is 9 years old and weighs 62 pounds. She is a really loving girl, walks well on the leash and gets along with other dogs. As you can see from the photo she also enjoys playing with toys and has a sense of fun. Bailey is going to be at the TRN store on Wednesday so why not come in and see her, she’s looking for her perfect human, maybe it’s you?

If you can’t make it in but would like to meet her, text 520 203 2171 to set up an appointment.