Founders: John and Jace

Jamson Powers

Call me Jace. My 12-year-old rescue dog Merlin and I do everything together. Merlin has some arthritic ailments. It slows him down a little, but he really enjoys life and is well cared for.

Jace and Merlin

I have a huge affection for shelter dogs. It is rewarding to go to the shelter to walk the dogs, give them treats, and let them get out. After going to the shelter, it made me want to do something more. Especially for the older dogs like Merlin who had that sad look in their eyes…

A self-starting entrepreneur, I started Hawaiian Ice in Florida in my college days back in the early 90’s. At the time I had a girlfriend from Hawaii who introduced me to shaved ice. I bought an old Coca Cola van and converted it to a shaved ice-mobile. I would go to events and sell flavored ice, people would line up for it. Others started to notice how successful my little start-up was and wanted to try it. So I sold my ice cart and went into the business of producing and selling ice carts. With a degree in accounting, I knew what needed to be done. I now have very successful business here in Tucson called Hypothermia.

I wanted to do something more. And being friends with John Gilbert, well…

John Gilbert

John Gilbert (standing) and Jace Powers, the founders of Tucson Rescue Now at one of their first pop-up events for adopting senior dogs

Well, I love senior dogs. I do. They are the best and most easy dogs to be around. I can’t remember when I didn’t have a dog around me. It’s so nice to know that wherever you look, they are there, looking at you or lying by your feet.

Now Lilly I got as a pup from the Humane Society while doing an event at my store in Casas Adobes. She was a rescue, and I had to have her. She is now 9 and just the cutest little thing.

I have had mostly German shepherds over the last 30 years, and I love them, such beautiful dogs. After I retired from my retail store J. Gilbert in 2017, I wanted to do something, and I started to volunteer at the animal shelter. It was heartbreaking, but I went in every day and moved up to being a dog walker and adoption counselor. And it was an eye opening experience how dogs and cats come into the shelter, it is very sad. I noticed the older senior dogs weren’t getting any attention, and it bothered me. So with all my years and years of retail experience, doing advertising and running multiple stores in three states, I had to branch out. I knew Jace, we would go out together to walk and to give much needed attention to older seniors who just wanted to be with you.

Jace and I started Two Guys and a Couch, a service in Tucson promoting and adopting senior dogs to people and getting the word out there that these seniors are the perfect companion. Not saying puppies and younger dogs are not, but they do get adopted first. So here we are two guys working to educate and help others get a super loving senior into their home. Funny, I get calls now from people who were referred to me to find them a dog! And we are just getting started.