The Tucson Dog, May June 2019

Our first cover for Tucson Rescue Now. We are proud to have been on the cover of The Tucson Dog magazine and featured in the cover story for this issue. This publicity boost happened just months before we opened our adoption site at La Encantada shopping center. Thank you The Tucson Dog magazine! Grab a copy, and subscribe to this publication!

The article can be read here.

John Gilbert (standing) and Jace Powers, the founders of Tucson Rescue Now with two senior shelter dogs

Arizona Daily Star, September 21, 2019

Tucson Rescue Now was also featured in the Arizona Daily Star, just a few weeks before our grand opening. We are so grateful to our local newspaper for making its large readership aware of Tucson Rescue Now and its mission! The article can be read here.

Our founders John Gilbert (left) and Jace Powers on a dog couch just weeks prior to opening our adoption center