Fostered Dogs


There is another great announcement, it’s a two-fer Sunday! We’re HOWLing with excitement! (Sorry, bad Halloween nod, there!) Another volunteer favorite, sweet Beorn has also left the building! His new foster mom came in today for a visit and she left with one of the sweetest boys EVER!She is looking for a hiking partner and we think he is going to be an amazing hiker. She says she’s fostering and plans to find him a home. Between all of you and us, we’re kinda hoiping he’s already found it and that this is the beginning of a wonderful life together! Keep your fingers crossed on this one!The most important thing is that he is outta the shelter and on to new adventures! He gave lots of hugs and kisses to everyone before he left; he is definitely going to be missed!Posed pics are great, but look at the moment captured in the first pic!